Friday, March 15, 2013

Things to do in Bangkok.

Let me start this post off with a fun fact!


Bangkok is what we call it but in Thai, it's the country with the longest name in the world (not being dramatic, it really is) which is  Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit. 
Translated  : The land of angels, the great city of immortality, of various devine gems, the great angelic land unconquerable, land of nine noble gems, the royal city, the pleasant capital, place of the grand royal palace, forever land of angels and reincarnated spirits, predestined and created by the highest Devas.

That sounds like an incredibly long and descriptive lead up to the actual name of your city ... where potholes are plentiful, the transport meant for the public is often tardy, where crows target their poop to land on your car and where actual manpower is used instead of machinery to dispense tickets at the tollgate...Kual....

But anyway, Sawadeka from Bangkok!

Here's my unconventional what to do in Bangkok list cum travel log :

1. Avoid the hot seasons.

Have you ever gone to Bangkok and thought it was so hot your face was probably melting? Yes?
Then you had probably gone sometime March-May aka the Hot Season.
Unlike KL where it's perpetual heat with some rain then perpetual rain with some heat, Bangkok has 3 seasons Hot, Cold and Rain.

Best time to go is December to February during the cold season. Fret not, you can leave your jacket behind. This just means you can walk all around the night markets, enjoy the cool air and probably wouldn't be drenched in sweat when you get back to your hotel room.

2. Wear sunnies when riding Tuk Tuk
Because speckles of dust will fly into your eye if you don't. #truestory.

3. Or take a cab.

I know it's the more traditional mode of transport, but tuk tuk's are often mistaken to be alot cheaper than cabs. They probably are, but not for us tourists! Many a time taking a tuk tuk is almost the same price and sometimes even more expensive than a cab (which is metered). But the difference is you won't have to sweat it out while breathing in the exhaust fumes courtesy of the traffic jam you're stuck in.

Oh but be smart when taking a cab. Don't buy into "need to fill petrol so I'll drop you at this Gem factory for awhile" stories that cabbies feed you. Just firmly tell them no I only want to go to Platinum, else get out of the cab. Chances are they'll  "okay okay" you and just take you where you wanna go.

4. Better still take the BTS.
Because it's convenient, cheap and when you arrive in Siam, it's like wah! Super extensive pedestrian bridge that links to all the shopping malls. Also sense of accomplishment that you're in a foreign country and taking the BTS likka local. *smug*

Ps: Remember that it's called BTS, because it'll be easier to get an answer than if you said "where's the train?" When in Bangkok, get the Bangkok terms right, right?

5. Eat coconut ice cream
Must! I love coconut ice cream and can eat it allday 'eerday. They sell them in a few shopping mall food courts but the best ones are obviously the ones by the road. :D

Coconut ice cream in/with real coconut!

6. Shop!
This one abit conventional la. But best places to shop is Platinum (obvious) and I love the night market outside Siam square and the one at Victory Monument. :) :) Night markets are best!

7. Must-bring-home item.
Everyone goes to Thailand and brings back elephant key chains or peanuts.
When I go, a must is Lays chips! Sounds odd I know but they have flavours like hot and spicy crab, lobster hot plate, Peking duck etc..which tastes exactly as it sounds. I think they have seasons because everytime I go out to get them there are new flavours. So much more interesting than the usual flavours we get here. Peking duck flavour is the best-est!

What I'm packin' ...getit getit!

8. Must-bring-there item.
Empty bag or extra bag for all the shopping you're gonna do.
Clearly overestimated myself here, the bag was barely half full when I left.

And that's the list! ( I wonder is this can be a tagline like Heidu Klum's aufiderzein )
I love Bangkok! The architecture, interiors, shopping, food! It's the top of on my list of South east asian country to far. *homer face*


Will blog about Terminal 21 next! :)

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