Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tokyo DisneySea

I get almost teary eyed everytime I think of DisneySea.
I love it! Love it more than DisneyLand.......Tokyo Disneyland anyway.

The scenic everything! Different towns, the attention to detail in the different towns, cutesy themed food, cutesy themed rides, cutesy dressed Japs, Disney characters and the pleasant-ish weather to top it off. I pick windy cold (sometimes raining) over humid hot anyday.

I was walking...or rather, was prancing around DisneySea like in a dream. High and giddy on happy Disney fumes. The whole time I was there I was also annoying my mum, going "MAAAm! I want to see Litte' Mermaid" *tugs her arm*.  This applied for Aladdin, Toy Story and basically whatever it was that I saw from a distance and got all excited over.

Here's the entrace to DisneySea. The Mediterranean Harbour :

Where everything is themed Mediterranean and orangey.
There were also gondola(s):

I took this picture with my Iphone4! Nice ah nice ah?!

A little walks down and you'll hit the American Waterfront :


It's New york New york in the 50's!
Probably my favourite place in DisneySea because it's New York. If I lived in Japan I would get a yearly pass to DisneySea and just stop by for lunch here on the weekends. *dreamily sighs*

Below is Toy Story Mania! It was packed throughout the day so we didn't bother lining up. Line was crazy long. Like CRAZY long! If you're heading to DisneySea get your fast pass!


Still the American Waterfront, the 50's New York turns into a modest fishing village:

This picture doesn't do the place justice. It really looked, felt, smelt like I was supposed to run around the snow in my bonnet and hoop skirt.

It's also the only place you can get,

Milk Tea Popcorn!
I loooove milk tea to begin with and now it's in the form of popcorn! Ahhh. 
Hot Milk Tea flavoured popcorn on a cold day = BLISS. Yummy to the tummy gais! I had 2 boxes of this to myself.

Next stop! Agrabah: 


Climbed over the low wall of this prop to take a pic.
Don't think you're actually allowed to do that but oh well! Haha market place, street rat? getit getit?

Cutesy themed Rajah bao that was filled with..something meaty, I forget / A pic with mother dearest while waiting for Jasmine's Magic Carpets. One of the only rides I went on willingly. I'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to roller coaster rides. More on this next time.

My second favourite place, Atlantica! :

We went to the Mermaid Lagoon Theater. I quite liked it, worth the visit..and wait. It's a short play about Ariel visiting Ursula then escaping her evil clutches. People and puppets are used throughout the show, much like The Lion King Musical. Ariel is angmoh (a caucasian, I know you would've wondered ) and everything is in Japanese but the songs are the popular ones and in english.

Here I finally got a picture with a main Disney Character!
There'd be at least 40 people lined up (probably an underestimation) once they spot any famous any of them and it will be an impossible wait to get a picture. On the first day I said to my mum, "I'm so sad mother! I only got a picture with the kelefeh! The supporting actor! Not even one main character!" A whole day in Disneyland and I only got a picture with Tweedledee/dum. "Who?" some may ask. Yes. Exactly.

So even though I had to wait in the freezing cold to get a picture with Ariel. I did. Surprisingly, she didn't just take the pic and ask me to scoot, she actually asked me what I did that day and whether I was having fun. No wonder the lines always forever to get a picture with them. I suddenly felt like I was 5 again. She also called me princess! Hehehohe *blushes*

Mysterious Island: 

It's where you get your smoked turkey leg :)
This place is really cool. There was steam pssshhhtt-ing all over the place and the volcano, that goes off every now and then, is visible throughout the park. So wherever you're standing, be it Agrabah or Atlantica, you WILL see it go off. Almost magical when you see at night.

The Lost River Delta: 

Didn't see much of this place because it was winter and it gets dark at 5pm!
But I found it so incredibly..incredible that they played hooting, chirping, buzzing sounds like you were really in the jungle. Complete with constantly dimming then brightening lights ( kinda synchronized flickering if you get what I mean ). A bit annoying after awhile, especially since everything's already so dark.

At around 2pm we got our fast pass for Indiana Jones Adventure and came back at 8.30pm to go on it. Good thing too! The line was CRAZIER than crazy! To get on the ride from the ride's entrance it's a really long walk. It was at least 3 or 4 floors high and was packed from the ride itself to it's entrance outside. Get fast pass if you know what's good for you!

Post Discovery :

Only 2 rides here. This one is Aquatopia, which was....okay la. No line and not much of a wait.
So much nicer at night when it's all lighted with wizzing lights.

And that's it!
I love DisneySea and whatever pictures you just saw really doesn't do it justice.
This is where I'd pick to go for my honeymoon next time. Why anyone chooses to go to a beach resort is beyond me! Why go there when you can take pictures with Disney characters, hang around 50's New York, eat milk tea popcorn and go for rides? And all in the vicinity of the happiest place in ......Maihama.

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