Thursday, February 21, 2013 hair salons.

Here's a list of annoying things I've encountered when going to hair salons.
Some may ask " So terrible then why still go back to that one?"
Okay I tell you why. There is no specific hair salon I go to nor particular stylist I see.
Whenever I cut my hair the only thing that I think of is convenience.

I used to get my 5-monthly hair cut in Damansara Perdana. Then the fella' moved to Amcorp Mall! Every time I want to cut my hair I must think about the PJ jam, the thousand stupid traffic lights I have to pass and the dodgy carpark. No thanks! So wherever I am, if I feel like cutting my hair...I will.

Then when I dye my hair I think, why do I have to go to a particular place to get my hair dyed? All places dye hair the same. Unless you're doing highlights la. Or treatment. Dye whole head all same la! So I'll just go through Groupon, Milkadeal, Livingsocial, (NEVER DEALMATES ANYMORE FOREVER!! *scrunched up face* Ilovediscounts, still KIV because they haven't replied my email about me paying and not receiving a voucher! You hear me ILD! Still waiting for your VERY un-prompt reply! >:( ) and see what deals they have for dying your hair.

Where was I now? Oh yes. So it's my own fault that I always get annoyed at something when I get my hair done because there is no regular hair place I go to. But that has resulted in me compiling this list! you lucky lucky person reading this you! kkhereitis;


" You cut it too short!"
" No I cut it like that *hand motions two giant brackets in the air* so that when it grows ah, it will grow nicely like that *hand motions lady's curves*. When it grows long it will be very nice"

I hate this! So you butcher my hair and make me look like I cut it myself with garden shears in the hopes of it growing out nicely? So I have to live with ugly hair while I wait for it to grow out and when it finally does, I'll have to cut it again because it's long! D:<

I'm sure everyone has encountered this before. Is that what they learn in hairdressing school?

" If a customer complains about her hair being ugly or too short just say you cut it like that! So that it'll grow out nicely! every time."

Because the smell is so strong, I can always smell their smelly smokey fingers as they hold onto my just-shampooed conditioned locks. Nobody likes the smell of smoke on their hair....and everyone likes the smell of salon shampoo.

Some hairdressers are incredibly rough as they hack away at your hair.

I went to a salon near my house just 2 days ago and during my 30 minute hair cut the stylist managed to: hit my head with the hair dryer while blowing my hair, yank out my earring while combing my hair, hit the back of my ear with the comb several times, hit my phone screen (I was whatsapping)  more than once while he was cutting the front bit of my hair and accidentally jabbed my neck a few times as he was pulling my hair out of that cape/bib thing. LIKE I KILLED HIS DOG OR SOMETHING! Needless to say, I won't be going back there.

Some hair dressers really need to learn to be more delicate while hair cutting. Pinkies up and all.

4. TRIM = all off
I hate it when they (not snip, but) chop away at my hair when I say " half an inch..just trim".
Why do they do this! Like having too much fun they can't help themselves. Possessed by their hair clippers. Like a secret sadistic fetish to see my hair cry out in shortness...-ness.

They're the worst! They have a mind of their own (literally) and tell not tell..just cut your hair for you. In fact, you probably won't know what they're doing until it's over.

" Eh aunty, why you cut my fringe? I said I wanted it to grow out"
" Trust me. fringe for you age nicer wan. You put hair to the side not so nice. "

and since it's already done and you can't do anything about it.....

The kind that "haih" when you tell them how you want your hair then give that pursed lip, slight head shake.
They also "tsk!" whenever they find the slightest tangle in your hair....then again, slight head shake. Whas'yoh problem huh?

It's okay to recommend a product but some go to the lengths of making up bullshit like "oh I can't layer your hair because it's dry that's why I said you must use this product" ..." see your hair become like that *hand motions outward curl* that's why need to use that product." HATES.
Doing your work half assed to make me buy overpriced shampoo! Why do they do this? Don't they know that when they do we never go back to the salon again?

This is a hairdresser who serves two/three customers at the same time. Like doing highlights and cutting while washing and perming. Why do they do this? Okay..I know la. To earn more money.

I had once gone to trim and dye my hair and it took 5 hours. *eye twitch* Was sitting there till my butt was crying out in pain okay! This was because the person doing my hair was also blowing out someone else's hair. On another occasion and different place, I actually waited 45 minutes pass my booking time because the hairdresser was straightening another customers hair. I don't know what possessed me to wait 45 minutes.... must've been stupid then.

Anyway that's my list!
I'm probably just asking for it, seeing as I'm too lazy to look for a regular person to do my hair...I'll work on it.

What are things that annoy you in hair salons?


    The sides are uneven and stylist thinks he's done. You point it out and he fixes it, only to realise now it's lop-sided on the other side. To and fro, to and fro and finally it's EVEN! Hallelujah!

    Only, there really isn't much hair left on the sides. "It'll grow out", he says.

  2. p/s - nice banner ad. Good job *thumbs up*