Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pft from Kuching!

In the airport with a flight delayed for 3 hours!

But here's a picture of me in the rumah Orang Ulu. 

There we were, beaten and defeated as the speakers announced that our plane was to be delayed and rescheduled for 11pm instead of 8pm.

What was I to do in Kuching airport for 3 whole hours? *runs around in circles*

We sat on the benches and waited for time to pass, hoping it would be quick. Painless. Like pulling off a Hansaplast. (Band Aid is only for Americans)

After mindlessly circling back and forth the airport for over hour, I saw it. Clear as day.

AIR ASIA AK5217 to KUALA LUMPUR |  21.40 hours

Outraged! How dare they put us on a flight at 11pm when there's one leaving at 9pm!

We stormed toward the counter as the airport attendant was opening the gates.
" We need to get on this flight!" we barked.
" You'll need to go to the Air Asia counter at the entrance, but you'll need to hurry the gates closing soon," she replied, a quiver in her voice.

Then, we ran.
Pass the waiting hall and toward the immigrations hall.
"You mau tukar flight bukan sini! Mesti pergi atas, mana kamu masuk!" said the officer in his native tongue.

"Ok thank you," I replied..... In my native tongue.

We sped toward the entrance, leaping off double steps. Quick as we could. Quick like the quick brown fox who jumps over the lazy dog.

Then we saw it ahead. From a distance it was small, but boasted catastrophic consequences.
I knew this was to be the great impediment of our journey.

" Mesti masuk scan ah kak? nak tukar ticket saje," I said to the servicewoman, bargaining with her.

She seemed perplexed as to whether I was lying or not.

"I had no time for this," I thought to myself as I dashed pass her and an alarming metal machine. I had no time for authorities.

" STOP! OI! SECURITY!!!" I heard her scream behind me, but it was too late. I'd made my bed and there was no turning back now.

We ran through the deserted airport heading for the counter. We ran as fast as our legs could take us for we knew this was our only hope of ever getting home before midnight.

" Our flight delayed....we want...9.40 flight!" I barely managed saying as I panted.

".....and can we get aisle seat please" Aunty Sara added, testing him.

After a head nod, and more heedful running, we sat in our hot seats on a plane taking us home... on the aisle seats of course.


ps. I didn't bark at her nor did she quiver. 
pss. I didn't run pass a beeping machine nor did she shout at me. I'm dramatic like that sometimes.
psss. Don't complain. I just entertained you for a solid 5 minutes.
pssss. I just added "dramatic sometimes" to the about me in the side bar.

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