Monday, October 8, 2012

Riddle me this....

Why is it okay to use fish and prawn as fishing bait

But a horrendous crime to use dogs as shark bait?

Recently, I saw this article on Facebook. It was everywhere!

Don't get me wrong. I thought it was disgusting and inhumane as well!
The cheek of them! I curse them in my sleep!

But again, why is it okay to use prawns and fish as bait but not okay to use dogs?

Okay here's a better question.
Why is it okay to eat lamb, young cattle, buffalo, ducks, chickens but not okay to eat dogs?

"Because dogs are cute trixha. It's totally different!"

Not cute meh?
Some people even eat kangaroo meat..and that's okay too. They sell it in the meat section over here.

" Okay okay I got one *snaps fingers* it's because I don't keep these animals as pets trixha!..who would eat a pet!?"

Does this yummy crispy fried bacon look good to you?




Did you know pigs can learn tricks faster than dogs? Even at a young age?

SHAME!! You animal!!

 Moral of the story : 

1. When someone says "looks don't matter", tell that to the shrimp, fish and chickens, who unlike the puppies and kittens, get eaten.

2. If you play your cards right someone will feed you, buy you clothes and take care of you. You will live a lavish lifestyle.You also won't get eaten.

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