Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Barista Course @ The Coffee School Perth

 I wanted to make the most out of my time here in Perth, so I decided to sign up for a barista course!

I went online to look for one and found The Coffee School Perth to be the best one.
The whole course was AUD199 not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. (fml. I just went to the site and I saw they were having a promo for it for AUD99 #cheated)
Some were AUD99 and some went up to AUD400.

The whole course takes 2 days (1 whole day teaching , 1 supervised practice) and you'd get an internationally recognized cert when you finish, which is a plus! #happycamperface
It's also on Murray Street so it was pretty near and wouldn't be hard to find. (also a plus)

First, abit of theory. MJ explains types of coffee, milk,  portafilters and the machine.
You know, the more boring stuff. Not THAT boring la, but less interesting than playing with the coffee machine. lol

We get a machine each! This was mine. It's a manual machine.
Pretty basic, no fancy buttons but it looks monstrous.

We learned how to make all the basic coffees. We made lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, short macchiatos, tall macchiatos..etc. Notice the plural..we made so many! 
I think alone, I went through more than 3 litres of milk and I don't know how much coffee.
Above is my macchiato and cappuccino. I got two thumbs up from MJ *beams proudly*


Instagram-like artsy pictures...which actually were on my Instagram.

Watching a video on the coffee art possibilities *insert magical twinkling sound here* / making more coffee.

My masterpiece...s
These are the ones you often see in coffee shops. Seagulls (what it's called I didn't name it!) / Fancy four leaf clover and hearts (not real name)

Chasing hearts / My failed attempt at the leaf.

I'd really like to say that at the end of this class I had managed to make this fantasti-cal leaf pattern with swooshing milk and all. But I couldn't. The person teaching the class said it takes alot practice. I need a coffee machine so I can practice this!

Another attempt at the leaf ..a mini leaf if you use your imagination properly/ Hello Kitty...okay fine a cat. I couldn't remember what Hello Kitty looked like at the moment. Lol but not bad right?

I used to work at a cafe so I kinda know how to make a coffee. But with the course I now know how to make the freshe-rest-est and best-te-rest-est coffee....along with some cutesy coffee art. 

Also learned how to clean and maintain the coffee machine. No pictures because it's not glam. lol.
Ended the day with a short written test. Not glam also.

Overall, it was a pretty fun course :)
I would recommend it! Especially if you have a liking for coffee and are interested in making it.
Hardest part is the milk. Everything else is just pushing buttons and pulling levers.
Coffee art will take abit of time.

Here are the details:

The Coffee School
518 Murray Street Perth WA 6000
08 9486 4771  

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  1. btw, the fantastical leaf pattern coffee art is called rosetta waves, classified under latte art. i think you know tho.. just wanted to appear smart