Monday, September 3, 2012

Churchill Island Farm + Koala Conservatory + Penguin Parade

While in Melbourne we wanted to do the tourist thing...... see penguins on Phillip Island.
There's a 3 in 1 ticket where you get to see not only the Penguin Parade
but also the Koala Conservatory and Churchill Island Heritage Farm Link is here

Oh shoots, just read that you can also see fur seals lounging on the beach just next to where
the Fairy Penguins come out. If you're reading this and you're going to Phillip Island, go see the seals also okay!Be Malaysian and get your moneys worth/claim free things!!

Pelican feeding- this was neither of the 3, but we saw this on the way to Phillip Island.

Koala Conservatory

over looking the wetlands/the lump is a sleeping koala

Churchill Heritage Farm

And we saw these on the farm!

I thought it was a fake cow when we were pulling up to the farm..then it started moving!
Isn't it so surreal!? Like one of those cows you see in movies or something.
Apparently they're heritage cows and not many people breed them anymore.
But so cute right? So fluffy!

I found these on google but it was taken on Churchill Island.
Green grass, blue sky, blue water, fluffy cow - how can this scenic sight possibly look any better?!
If Mary Poppins were flying in the sky with her umbrella or something maybe.

cow says moo.

what you lookin' at?

sheep herding show

Penguin Parade

You're advised to dress warmly, see the mini arrow at the bottom of that coat?
Yup that means it's at it's coldest. What to do! go in winter like that la.

penguin in his burrow

another penguin in his burrow

Yea that's all I got because cameras aren't allowed.
They're the smallest type of penguin they only grow till around 30cm!
that's like the height of 2 grey plastic rulers, the one we used during school.

okay here's a google picture

Their fur is a really nice navy blue and you'd see these tiny penguins walking around like
they're lost. They look really blur and will just walk back and forth till the rest of the penguins catch up with an impatient sibling!

the view

We waited more than an hour in the cold and rain to see these penguins.
Then finally we saw 2 penguins come out (in the front line of battle haha) and watched them make their way from the water to the hilly rocks. We watched these 2 penguins for about 10 minutes,
then the rest came out - probably after they saw that the first 2 weren't


The tickets are pretty worth it if you haven't seen penguins, farms or koalas.
Okay maybe not koalas. All of them are sleeping and you'd be playing " I spy with my little eye"
because they're up in the trees and pretty hard to spot. No up close and personal encounters. :(

The Heritage farm was probably the best as there are a few shows like sheep herding, sheep shearing and whip cracking. There's also this huge ass horse and cute fluffy cows.
The route there to the farm is through wetlands so it's pretty scenic as well, you get to see geese and ducks.

Penguin Parade was pretty good too, but maybe not in winter and rain.

Oh oh oh! alternatively, if you don't wanna take the 2 hour drive there we saw the same penguins on St Kilda pier! Just not as many, maybe 4 or 5?

This is the only picture I managed to take because I didn't wanna scare the penguin.
And all the french and chinese tourist that were there swarming the poor thing and despite signs
that said ' No flash photography' there was flashing all over the place!
..from their cameras I mean. Not like flashing of body parts...yeaa.

ANYWAY, they were swarming the penguin and even crawled under the boardwalk,
where the penguin was nesting, and took flash pictures of it!
OUTRAGED! I was secretly hoping the penguin would go manic and bite them!!!

Apparently cameras used to be allowed on Phillip Island's penguin parade. But now no cameras are allowed..I'm guessing because of inconsiderate tourists. > :(

Bottom line, yes to Churchill Island and Fairy Penguins no to Koala Conservatory.
If you don't want to see farm or drive 2 hours then just go to St. Kilda Pier and see the penguins there.
Don't take flash photos! If you do I hope they BITE YOU!! And you get peguin rabies!


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