Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Camping @ Teluk Segadas, Pulau Pangkor

 We went camping by the beach in Pulau Pangkor!

But first!
For a more island-like experience, listen to this while you read this post!
You won't regretsss!


FAQ before/during/after camping trip :

1. How long will it take to get there?

It's a 4 hours drive to jetty from KL and a ferry ride to the other side (RM10 both ways)

You then have the option of :
a. calling a boat and asking them to take you to the teluk
(RM45 both ways inc. stay at camp ground)
b. taking a taxi to a trail and hiking there.

Our boat guy couldn't get us because the water was too choppy.
so we took an impromptu hike to the teluk. Which took maybe less than 30 minutes?

Camping and hiking in the same day! I've never felt more outdoorswoman-ish..almost

2. Is it really camping? Or is it like a camping ground with chalets
where there's a restaurant where you can eat.

Well, it's a camp ground la. So I guess it's real camping.
Like it's-pitch-black-at-night camping. Like don't-bring-food-you-starve.
No frills. Only monkeys (really)

3. Is it safe? Will wild animals come in the middle of the night and bite my face off or Will pirates come and steal your food and expensive facial products?

It's safe! There are quite a few boats and ships going up and down, so I don't think pirates are a problem (no seriously, this question was brought up more than once before we went)

But watch out for the monkeys!They are quick, crafty and conniving. They managed to open the tents and eat 11 packets of instant noodles and half a pack of Chipsmore! They even ran in between us and stole our bread!

Ashley defending us all with her sligshot.
I also woke up several times at night because of their endless screeching and chattering.
I thought they were wild boars (wth) apparently mating sounds (??)

4. Clean or not?

Clean! not like dirty brownish murky water, litter all over*, drain leading into the sea,
black sand with remnants of oil. The water is a teal blue! I could see fish! #superexcited

5. What do you eat?
We had chicken, sausages, egg, milo, toast, corn, potato everything but baked beans...
and instant noodles that we brought with us.

6. Is it Cold or not?
No. In fact it's freakin' hot! I was literally sweating in the tent.
Around 3AM, it got alot cooler.

Tip : Set tent facing the jungle and not the sea. Wind blows toward the sea at night.
It will be like a sauna in the tent in the middle of the night if you face it to the sea.
So in the middle of the night, we turned the tents around.

Most important, most frequently asked question!

8. Is there a toilet!?
I asked this question like 10 times before we had gone.
The answer is yes. I took a picture of it:

Particularly scary at night when it's pitch black. Do not go in alone.
Evacuate bowels before going for camping trip! Alternatively, hike 30 minutes up to the mainland and look for toilet.

I went in to shower and I saw a huge gecko/lizard,
I didn't know whether to scream for help or ignore it
....I ignored it #stronglikemountain #outdoorswoman #sohardcore..I know.


In no particular order;


Campfire at night

From insta: Campfire/Best squishy burnt marshmallow.

Best beach holiday/camping trip! :)

* be considerate: don't leave trash around nature-places like this and then complain that all Malaysian camp sites/outdoor places are dirty. Beach was quite clean but there was litter in the toilet. You saw it, ya didn't help one bit.

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