Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Epic Weekend

'Young people these days, give them the good life, they want the hard life' - Papa Lee

me in my badass rubber boots*

In July, I joined a build called Epic Homes to builds houses for Orang Asli.

It was a real build. Like literally building a house. Not figuratively like hanging up Marvel posters on their walls to make their houses look epic. (haha getit)
Really building with wood, steel, dropsaws and drills in an Orang Asli settlement.

I know what you're thinking.. why would you do these kinda things Tri Xha?

1. To help the people in need.

Here you are reading this in your air conditioned room with itunes on while
whatsapp on your iPhone is buzzing away and some people live with their
entire family in a tiny house/shack. :(

2. You know how people always say "do your part in..",
yea it's to do your part.

3. To be charitable in a more-than-monetary way.
Don't you always feel that you can d0 more?
During the Epic build you literally see the house go up and happy faces of the families,
who receive a new home :)

4. Because you like the outdoors and like doing things with your hands.

5. You meet new, fun, exciting people.
And since they joined the build with you, you probably have a few things in common.


HOUSE 6 : Day one when structures go up.

Cute Orang Asli kids

Day 3/Day 2

I can't believe we manage to build a house in 3 days!

Got sunburned (very unevenly almost colour blocking), muscle aches, muddy, it was raining,
I was getting mosquito bites. The shower wasn't working...

but overall it was really satisfying. Feeling like you're apart of something big! Fulfilling!
Working together to accomplish something you never thought you would. Doing your part!
omg insert violin piece here, I can almost feel a rainbow forming over my head
But seriously it was a good 3 days, I definitely had more fun than I thought I would :))

Also, it's not all building and rushing with people shouting at you forcing you to work like
a drill sergeant. If you're tired, you rest. Drink water. Instagram. Then go back to helping with whatever needs help accomplishing. There's even time to do stupid things like this:

breaking shera board on head.

breaking shera board with hand/playing with puppies


Here's the website -

Ps. It's in Batang Kali. Yes you do stay there for 3 days, in dorms. Food's provided. No experience necessary.
Ps2. I'm just gonna say want to avoid going during your period.

*my shoes broke and I bought these boots from Econsave, the most happening place in Batang Kali.

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