Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Namoo | publika

Welcome to Namoo! A korean dessert cafe & bistro.
Here you'll find very asian flavours like rice cakes and things with sweet potato.
ヾ(○⌒∇⌒○)ノ *

Namoo is this new Korean cafe that just opened in Publika, right above MPH.
I actually saw Namoo on someone's instagram in the morning ( I love instagram!) and had gone to check it out for tea the very same day. (⌒o⌒)

It's right in front of the park! Which is great for families with kids, who can alternate between eating and playing with their kids in the park.
Kinda like a picnic, with proper tables. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Also, for people with no kids, because it's scenic.....and you can creepily stare at families who...uhm alternate between eating...and playing with their kids in the park..(yeaaa)

It's nice, a cosy place to get work done/study.
Just like alot of restaurants now, it has the woody-cement floor-rustic-ish vibe.
I wonder if it's owned by PlanB/Journal/Bens, they have the exact same chairs, lighting fixtures, colour scheme and even windows hmm.
Oh right, about the food....

Here I am looking very pleased with my cake.
I think it was the wooden board they served it on #easilyexcited

Pumpkin Cake + Ice cream and a Sweet Potato Latte.

I love cake! and always feel bad digging into 2 (sometimes 3 *blush*) helpings of moist chocolatey cake with drippy sauce melting over it, oozing onto the plate ..ahem.
Maybe psychological la (because there's the word "pumpkin" in it) but the Pumpkin cake makes me feel less guilty heh, like I'm enjoying a cake and it's healthy.

It's pumpkin-sweet, not too sweet. Like pumpkin pie with a kinda creamy texture, minus the crusty bits.With yummy crushed nuts on the top.

The sweet potato latte,
I was thinking "wow, how do they manage to make coffee and sweet potato go together?! "
There wasn't any coffee inside. #feelsabitcheated
It's more of a sweet potato puree, or rather that chinese peanut tong sui thing but with sweet potato.
But also pretty good!

Btw, they also serve salads, soups and rice burgers.So not just dessert!

Here! I found you a place to get work done/ study! :)

// I just googled and saw pics of their Sticky Green Tea Waffle.
Looks s'goood. Will save that for my next visit.

* I added asian keyboard expressions for emphasis! ☆d(o⌒∇⌒o)b
ps. I actually googled these. I tried making my own but they were pretty pathetic #failasian.

** I don't reccommend eating them together, too creamy and mushy together.
I just felt like eating something crunchy and savoury after that.. Like Uncle bob's/XXL Chicken.

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  1. Hei..i was here too..and was confusef whether its replaced ben's