Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Common Courtesy..or not

Let me give you a scenario :

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning you meet your friend...let's call her Melinda,
Melinda at KLCC to shop. So you're chatting, catching up, bitching, browsing, when suddenly someone
(a friend of Melinda's, not yours..lets call him Albert)
pops up and starts talking to Melinda, asking how she is/her mother is.
( you know, the kind of questions you ask when you bump into someone unexpectedly)

They continue talking and she has not introduced you.

What do you do?

Do you :

A. Introduce yourself
B. Wait for her to introduce you
C. Back away slowly and mind yeee' bissnezz
D. Bitch stare Melinda until she realizes she has forgotten to introduce you

Upon reading the above answers, you're probably like...
"introduce myself la! Just stand there meh!"

But how?

Imagine two people in deep conversation, eyes fixated on each other, laughing and making private jokes.
I'm obviously not going to put my hand up, palm facing Albert and go;

" Scuse me! Imma let you finish! But hi incase you were wondering I'm trixha!
Alright you may continue! don't let me interrupt you"

btw, this hadn't happen to me...recently anyway,
I placed myself in Albert, Melinda and my shoes, and conclude that..

If I were Melinda, I should be the one introducing my two friends la right,
because I'm the only thing in common in this otherwise awkward meeting.

I'd even expect Albert to introduce himself.
If I were in Albert's shoes, being the outsider and the person who kinda-somewhat butted into whatever they were doing, I'd introduce myself to Melinda's friend, that short girl with big eyes,
because that's only polite right?And it'll be kinda-somewhat rude to just pretend Melinda's friend is not there and continue in heavy conversation with Melinda, ignoring her friend completely no?

What do you think?

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