Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clothes Bazaar @ Jaya One.

What's a "Clothes Buffet":

How it works:
You pay RM50 for a bag, you put in as many things as you want.
There are a few sessions. 30 people per session. 30 minutes per session.
In between sessions they replenish. 9x12 inch bag.

Was it any good?

Okay before I get to that, as you can see that the event starts at 12pm.
Being the kiasu people we are, we went at about 10 and there was already a group of people huddling in the front of the store.

They gave us numbers and told us to come back so we wouldn't have to wait until 12.Thumbs up!

Two hours before the start of the event and we were already number 46,47 and 48!
We were in the second batch and were told to come back at 12.30.

You get it? 30 people per batch, 30 minutes per session, starts at 12, so us being the second batch, 12.30. Get it now?
Ya I knew you would :)

But apparently, the organizers had let people in early.
Eg. your number is 80 so you should be in the 3rd batch, but they let you in at 12.30pm along with the second batch instead of making you wait until 1pm . Which was unfair to everyone la. Especially the people who had to wait.It's like someone cutting your line..with the help of the organizers. Not cool guys. Not cool.

Some even said that the event crew were saving clothes for themselves, therefore not putting them in the "buffet area".

Actually, there were alot of unhappy people at the event :

1. It was supposed to be until 6pm but it was sold out at 2pm

The line (we were in) at 10am.

The line at 11am.

A "bit" of the line at 12.30pm!

If you followed your girlfriend here, you deserve a pat on the back
If you're a guy and you're just reading this, I know what you're thinking. Girls are crazy.
I probably might have just left if I was there at the 11am line.

2. They held clothes back(from their stock) for the next batches. Which was a good thing, so everything won't be snatched up on the first batch. But, I was in the second batch and they barely restocked. Alot of the clothes were leftovers from the first batch and MY GOD, were some of the things gaudy, they looked like rejects from the 90's.

Imagine something really gaudy, like a cheap netting dress, with organza on the bottom. In YELLOW. With seashells on the boobs.
Because that's exactly what we saw. I wish I took a picture.

I guess they didn't restock alot because, there were "gaudy leftovers" from the first batch, so they probably figured..still got clothes what, don't need to replenish so much. I can only imagine all the bad leftovers for the last batch. But I'm just guessing la.lol

3. Things were lumped into boxes, which I don't mind. But some unethical people were taking boxes into the coner and hoarding them,went through them slowly until 30 minutes were up.

4. Alot of complaints about the Clothes Buffet actually. Some quite dramatic and some quite entertaining. You may read them here, on the facebook event page.

A pic of the "buffet" area. Crazy.
Common courtesy? What is that!? lol


1. I think it was a really good idea.Something to get excited about. A new shopping experience and all that.

2. I got 8 things: 2 dresses, a couple of tops, leggings and a jacket. Which comes up to about RM6.25 per piece!! Worth it!

3. But I honestly expected nicer things. And more replenishing!

4. I guess no complaints about the line, since I was in the second batch.

5. Would I go again? Maybe. If I were to get into the first batch. The 1st and 3rd would probably be the best because by the 3rd batch more things are gone, so they'll do more replenishing by then. I don't even wanna imagine the condition of the place by the 4th batch.

6. But then again, more people will be more kiasu, and I really wouldn't line up for hours and hours for this. One time enough I think. Like how you would watch the Lady-boy show in Thailand once. Not more than that, that would be crazy.

Anyway, they're having a second Clothes Buffet. You can follow it here.

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